Coach & Players

The team goals are having everyone within the team be on the same page in every aspect and ultimately helping each youth achieve their goal of getting a higher education through a scholarship. “A goal without a plan is just a "DREAM."

This team gives the kids the skills and experience they need in order to progress further, whether it is making their school teams or becoming better for those teams and getting noticed in the process. His passion for the Spirit of basketball & helping community youth drives him to take pride in organizing a basketball program that gives kids of all backgrounds, economic status, extremely talented or not the opportunity for “PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT & SUCCESS”.

"I grew lip with a love of sports, because I like the thrill of competition and gaining a larger perspective on varying talent from city to city, state to state especially the sport of basketball and the culture it brings."

“Coach” Donald McGuirt was born in Niles, Michigan, but grew up in the neighboring town of Buchanan, Michigan where he participated in basketball, football, &track at Buchanan High School. In 1993, coach McGuirt attended Kendall College of Art and Design where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Attending college for something totally not athletic related, Coach McGuirt never lost his love for the sport of basketball, in fact it increased!!! He hosted his own 3 on 3 tournaments, starting with his first in his hometown of Buchanan, Michigan at Ravish Park in 1998. He went on to work for the Boys & Girls Club of South Bend, IN as the head Art Director, but while he was there, he continued to follow his love & passion for basketball and took on the responsibility of coach of a team of overlooked talent along with his friend Will Douglass. In 2001, he hosted another 3 on 3 tournament in South Bend, Indiana.

Coach McGuilt's experience at the Boys & Girls Club inspired him to continue working with kids in other facets. “JCB ELITE” was created after coaching in a start-up youth league at the Sports Warehouse in Niles, Michigan in 2011. With his son Andrew being one his biggest supporters and recruiter the team is growing. Coach McGuilt aspires to teach youth how to approach the game from a heightened mindset, which consists of developing a variety of specific skill sets involving ball handling, passing, shooting & most importantly conditioning!!! All help create a more complete player.